[FEATURED MEMBER] Clementine - Aiwenn "In the Quest for Love"


This month's Culture Club "Featured Member" is Clem.  


Clem is a French jewelry designer who came to Shanghai a year ago with her fiance, David.  In Shanghai, they continue their "Aiwenn" jewelry brand.

Clem's jewelry features beautiful gems and stones, arranged in novel compositions and demonstrate artistic handicraft.  


They are statement pieces - but are also easily wearable.  

1. In your own words, can you tell us a bit about your jewelry?

I started making my jewelry brand from about 2 years ago.  A key feature of my designs is the stones and crystals I put together.  I always begin with the stone and design the features around it.  Because I feel the universe has given us something so beautiful - I want us to appreciate their original beauty more.

2.  What are the stones that go into your jewelry?

Agate, Mother-of-pearl, Cyanite, Lapis lazulli, Ruby, Emerald...and some Swarovski crystals as well.  I use stones from all over the world - Turkey, South America, South Africa, Korea and even China - for Jade.  It's really about the season and the colours I want for this season.

The metals are in silver, with hand-painted fine gold paper.

3. Can you tell us a bit about your upcoming collection?

This was actually my first collection, so it is the boldest in terms of design.  It is my favorite collection.  For me, I love very much the retro style, for a long time.  And since I'm French, I love very much the Parisian style as well - like Coco Chanel, St Laurent...from the 1920s-50s.  So I find my inspiration from this, and from myself.  

I love very much to match styles as well.  My pieces are not designed only to fit one style or one occasion.  For example these earrings, you can wear them for weddings - but also with jeans, something simple, and just decorate it with an accessory.

4. What does "Aiwenn" mean?

My fiance grew up in Shanghai, so we also wanted to incorporate some Chinese element into our brand.  "Ai" is the Chinese character “爱" (to love), and "Wenn" was originally the character "问" (to ask).  The idea was about "to ask for Love" -  or rather, in the "Quest for Love".  


Now, in China, we also wanted to play on words with "Wenn" = "吻" (to kiss).  "Aiwenn" becomes "love to kiss"... Like a playful girl blowing you a kiss in the wind.

It is also inviting us to question the relationship that we have with "love" in our society and to ourselves as well.

With Facebook, Instagram, social media...It is even easier to fall in love with ourselves now, and in this quest for love of ourselves...it is also even easier to forget and neglect those around us.

5. What did you do before starting this brand?

I have always been a designer, I used to design men's clothes.  I was also a buyer for my own shop in Paris.  I brought in designer items from around the world, and towards the end, I started to love the Korean style as well.  French people think they "know Korea" - but actually they don't know a lot about it at all, in Paris that is.

With the upcoming Private Sale of Clem's first Winter collection // [Roaring Twenties], hopefully, you can also find an inspiration or two for the upcoming Christmas or New Year occasions!

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