Aiwenn means "in quest for love"; a love for new travels back in time. All of our collections are impregnated with poetry, dreams and mystery.

Each piece of jewelry is entirely hand-made by carefully selected artisans, who all share our same passion. Major parts of our creations is made with Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones.

Aiwenn offers then, for each season, collections which express know-how, authenticity and wilderness.

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was born from a destiny's encounter...

THE DESIGNER Clémentine, self-taught, is a dreamer, passionate about fashion since her childhood. Rapidly, she discovered a passion for jewelry. For her, a piece of jewelry is no longer just an accessory; it is a style all by itself, and that is what she transmits in her creations.

Where do your inspirations come from?

Clémentine R. : "It was during a road-trip in Asia, where my father lives, that I fell in love with this continent. I discovered Thailand, Korea, China, India, Japan... rich colorful textures, passionate artisans, very fine and stylish... I found my equilibrium by conjugating the west with the east, mixing past trends with current ones."

THE MANAGER David, MBA graduate from l'école nationale des ponts et chaussées, lived over 15 years in Asia since his childhood. He speaks several languages, and only lives for his passions: travelling, meeting people, exchanging... He met Clémentine, and rapidly the two of them realized they shared the same love for Asia and travels.

How did you end up in this artistic world?

David O. : "After my studies, I didn't picture myself working in an office, in a finance or audit firm, compartmentalized and formatted. Travelling is like a drug. Once you've tasted it, you can't stop from doing it. So I had to mix my work with my profound sense of curiosity and discovery."

Even though being a dreamer, Clémentine is a perfectionist and leaves no room for randomness. David, on his side, addicted to numbers, manages the company. She is fan of electro music and is an anti-conformist. He is crazy about martial arts and hates chocolate.

Well, Aiwenn was born from a destiny's encounter.